Monday, November 15

scenes from Sundays

Mints on our pillow Sunday mornings!
Because, Sundays are mint to be kept holy.

What is that, you ask?
German pancakes.
Dada makes these for us.
Served with maple syrup.
Bugg & I enjoy ours with a bit of
vanilla yogurt, too.

We love this book. So sweet.

Sunday Stations.
This is so much fun and sabbath day appropriate.
I set up 4 random activities around the house.
They change from week to week.
Mia has to search for the numbers (usually #1-4).
It only takes about 1/2 hour and helps pass the time
until church, which isn't until ONE o'clock

watching Mormon Messages

(they always make me cry happy tears)

Kenneth Cope is a musical fave.
Sweet, soft, uplifting music
plays the whole day.
Hey Utahns........I love this station
because there's no commercials.

Church in the canyon.
Well, truthfully,
we missed church so we took a picnic
to the canyon and Dada read to us
in the great outdoors.
Normally, though, we come home from church
to a crockpot roast cooking in the garage.
(I'm weird but the smell gets too overwhelming in the house -
it began with pregnancy)
And there's the Sunday Sundaes, too!

Just yesterday was the annual primary program
where all the children sing songs and share what they've
been learning about Jesus.
Grandpa's and Grandma's came to see Mia AND Wyatt

When it was Mia's turn to recite her line,
Brian and Wyatt went up to the podium
and stood next to her.
"Jesus says to love one another.
I can do this by wheeling my brother, Wyatt,
in his wheelchair."
Oh, SO sweet.


  1. If only I had pictures of what actually goes on at church: me, walking the halls with an antsy Ella and Brian pushing a tired Wyatt around and around.

    Keepin' it real.

  2. Oh yes! I know exactly what that is about. Church can be a major service project sometimes!!

  3. We had our primary program yesterday as well. Grant stole the show with lots of big smiles and laughs! He did his part perfectly!

  4. Aw, I bet they were so sweet in the program- and yep! I hear ya on church- wonderful and sometimes tiring. We had to give Caleb some "good" medicine so he'd stay comfortable for the duration :)

  5. Mia was darling in the program! I love german pancakes too. My sister's family used to live in Vermont and had several acres. They tapped their own trees and made their own fresh maple syrup. Heaven on german pancakes!!!

  6. I was going to ask you if you were leaving out the chasing Ella through out the church cause I can totally picture that in my head LOL

  7. Awww, how sweet! And I have never had a German pancake - it looks interesting!

  8. Do you mind telling me where you found that game? I could probably order it from deseret, but we'll be in Utah in December and if there is a store there that I could get it, it'd save me shipping. The boys have a couple of versions of Guess Who and I'm sure they would love to try this one. Thinking of Christmas...

  9. What a great Sunday tradition. :) Love German pancakes...haven't had them in a looooong time though.

  10. Hi! I am Tami Higbee's sister, Tausha. I hope you don't mind me lurking on your fabulous blog! My sister spoke very highly of you and your blog and thought that I might enjoy a peak! I LOVE your blog and your inspiration to live such a happy, celebrated life. Thank you.

  11. Bree I think you're a genius with all of your activities! I hope you've posted about these Sunday Stations on Sugardoodle so that more people can share the wealth of such a fun idea!

    Your kids must absolutely love Sundays!


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