Wednesday, November 24


I'm thankful for Wyatt's
preschool art projects.
I'm always excited to look in
his backpack when he gets off the bus
to see what cute things he's made at school.
(With help from Miss Britt, of course.)

Thankful to Wyatt for getting
us sweet seating at the BYU basketball game.

And to sweet friends for sharing
their tickets with us!

I'm thankful that Bugg can sleep
through anything.
Even the hoopla at the game -
BYU vs. Utah State.
Extra heat & rivalry going on.
(xoxo, Bailee!)

I'm thankful for getting bit by the crafting bugg.
The idea just came to me as I was falling asleep one night.
A Christmas countdown for Bugg's room.

Girls' Nights Out
with my mom, sisters, & Mia!
We saw the play "Little Women"
in the cutest little theater.
I love the movie, love the book,
and now I love the musical.

Thankful for the candlelit dinners
we can now enjoy since it's dark by dinnertime.

Ssssoooooooo thankful for HIM.
My eternal Hunk.

I am thankful for Wyatt's fantastic
preschool teachers.
We got to visit for his Thanksgiving feast,
which Ella readily helped herself to.
We also got to see how popular he is at school.

On the way to his vision/speech therapy,
he stops in and sings ABC's with the secretary.
When he pats his legs like that,
you know he's a happy guy and lovin' the attention.
At one point,
I counted 10 people surrounding him,
just soaking up his cuteness as he "sang" (babbled) the ABC's.
Oh, my gosh, melt this mama's HEART!

Lightbox for vision therapy
Wyatt & I are incredibly thankful
for Miss Britt and that she gets to be with
him again this year.
It was a close one.
Those two, I tell ya.
They have the best times!

I'm thankful for inchstones.
This Bugg has made great progress.
Perhaps slow to some.
But in this special needs world,
progress means a whole day's worth of celebrating
the teeniest tiniest thing.
Like tracking a picture of a red apple
across a lighted screen.
He used to look right through the lightbox
as if it wasn't even there!

And likewise, I'm thankful for Ella's milestones.
Like discovering body parts and holes.

I'm thankful to celebrate Bugg and that he is
4 and a HALF now.

That means 4 and a HALF candles.
Cake is topped with HALF a cookie.
I'm thankful for cookies, too.

And mostly, I'm thankful for this
awesome little family of mine.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Grub OUT.


  1. Oh how I miss the projects that came home from Preschool. That Miss Rachael is one amazing woman! And oh how we miss Miss Britt!!! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Love that you snuck my name into your blog. Made my day. :) I love the picture of Bugg smiling at the light box. So cute. :)

  3. Now GO and print that last picture and send all your favortist friends a Christmas picture/card! :) Just sayin'.

  4. I love that term-- "inchstones"-- just PERFECT!!!

  5. inchstones are the best and I am grateful that you share them with me, so I can do a happy dance for Wyatt even though I live in Colorado :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I'm so in love with you, Brianne!

    You will always be my Hotness.


  7. We are thankful for YOU!! Grub out indeed!!

  8. happy thanksgiving to you too. Love your family picture.

  9. I am so lovin the turkey craft AND the Christmas countdown craft!!! Little Women is one of my fav's -- ahhhh, love it! It seems like I had one other thing to comment on but I've since forgotten. Anywho, happy holiday to you and your cute little fam!


  10. I am so glad Miss Britt's job was saved and that she still get to work with Wyatt!!

    Hooray for progress of any kind!

    That tree in your family photo is amazing! The picture is darling too, but can you imagine how old that tree is?


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