Wednesday, November 3

Enjoying your Fall?

Can anyone say,

The sound of the leaves crunching
really got to him!

The big boy practicing his
Love it, Love it!

We are, TOO!


  1. Oh I love to see him on his feet! How wonderful. It was such a blessing when Katie could bear weight. It made it so much easier to pull her pants up! Love how these sweet kids teach us to celebrate the seemingly little things in life.

  2. I just love your new header picture. What a HUGE milestone. I'm SO thrilled for you guys. That picture may just be a picture to some people, but I know the hours and hours of therapy and effort (on both his part and yours) that must have taken place for that to happen. What a blessing. I'm bursting for you!!! Go Wyatt!!!!!!!!!

  3. What incredibly beautiful pictures. It just tickles me through and through to see Bugg-a-Wugg standing.

  4. I love watching him stand :) it makes me happy!

  5. You have a beautiful son - the leaves are gorgeous too.

  6. Love your new picture topper! Way to go BUGG! Am I LOVING fall? You bet I am. 100% pure love back here. :)

  7. OMG his face, his eyes, his smile... oh and the hair...Oh my lord this child is BEAUTIFUL!
    I just love to see him standing it is just such a beautiful sight. Love it, it is just such a HUGE accomplishment... just look at that little face :)

  8. I love the FALL but I love the STAND even more!!!

  9. PRICELESS!! Oh it's amazing to see him on his feet!! HOORAY! (love the header picture too!!) LOVE.FALL!!!!!

  10. Beautiful! And how exciting for him to be sitting and standing! Just in time to be the best Christmas gifts you will receive this year.

    Fall in Ohio was breathtaking until a wind storm which brought on all sorts of tornado sirens brought most of the lingering leaves down last week! Now it looks like winter...but way too early. Enjoy it while it lasts!

  11. I've got some wicked roots happening right now for sure!

    Oh my, Bugg standing up is just amazing!


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