Tuesday, November 23

make the ordinary EXTRAordinary

My question is: how do you take such amazing pictures of EVERYTHING?

Who, me?
Gee, Mrs. Fought, thank you
for that sweet compliment.
Photography is something I fell in love with
just a couple years ago.
It is tricky stuff and I would love
to take a real class.
I have to give most of the credit
to the Nikon D-40.
In turn, giving a lot of credit
to my Hunk for "surprising" me with it.
(hehe, I did NOT want this camera.
I didn't want to spend the $$ on it.
But he knew that I wanted it.....I just didn't know I wanted it.)

It has been awesome to document
this life full of celebrating.
There's about a trillion gadgets on the camera
that I still have no idea what to do with.
And I'd love to learn how to use photo editing,
although, taking a raw picture seems more real
than brushing it up all perfect,
make sense?

My life is not grand and fabulous.
We are home a LOT.
We don't take fancy trips or do big excursions.
But what we do have going on.....
family time, housework, seeing children grow,
errands, crafts, baking, a party here, a picnic there....
is fabulous to ME and I cherish it so so much.
And so I document it with my camera
because memories are extraordinary.
The simple things like watching Bugg
turn his head to my voice,
following the diapered baby around,
or pinning my curls
on a Sunday morning.
I think, "Hey, this would be fun to look
back on when I'm an old Granny."

My hairdo on the way to HD

A couple weekends ago,
we all went to Home Depot to get a few
house projects finished up.
I grabbed my camera, just for the heck
of capturing our morning wandering the aisles.

I can just see us watching these family pictures
years to come,
laughing at Mia doing "YMCA" while
we looked at bathroom fixtures.
And how bored Wyatt looked.
And Ella eating "tooty." (cookie)

Apparently he got so bored
that he took a snooze.
Such a simple thing,
yet priceless.

And I'm sure it's obvious that I have
an obsession with sunlight.
It makes a moment more enchanting.

Also, I like to take pictures from different angles.
Instead of just clicking from my eye level standing,
I like to change it up and see what new perspective
I can come up with.
Try it!
And I also have an awesome photog book
that my pa-in-law gave me.
It all goes back to celebrating, I suppose.
When I look around for the simple things to celebrate,
I begin to be inspired by every scene that unfolds throughout the day.
It's fun.
Great question.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Eve! Yay!


  1. Yesterday I was spotted in Ikea taking pictures of Ashton carrying around the bag on his arm. Taylor called me Brianne and that was a compliment.

  2. I love that you don't photoshop all of your photos. That shows what a wonderful camera you have and the talent of you and Brian. I can't stand all of these photos lately on other sites where the colors are SO vivid and not life-like at all! That doesn't capture the child's eyes or color of nature if it is all doctored up! That's why I love your photos so much!

  3. I can show you what all those little bells and whistles do when we finally meet. :)

  4. How do you think you would handle it if another child like Bugg were to enter your family? Could you manage with 2 special needs children?


  5. @Laura: As Bugg's father, I would say that we could handle a second child with special needs if God planned it that way. He tends to qualify us for whatever comes our way if we believe and trust in Him and His plan for us.

  6. I love your photography and think it is brilliant to capture all the details of home!

  7. Bree, your pictures of our wedding were some of the best! It was great to have the pictures of things like the cake, candles and favors that no one else thought of taking pictures of. Thanks so much! When we go up to visit I'll make sure to bring my album to show you (your pictures made the front page! :)


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