Sunday, November 7

we took it outside

I'm a fanatic about life.
I am.
Optimistic & enthusiastic about.....
pretty much everything.
I like to brush the gunk aside
and eat a cupcake.
But when daylight savings comes around
during the Fall,
I get kinda panicky.

the eve of Daylight Savings

Long, sunshiney days are coming to a close.
Cold, COLD, dark and dreary winter days are near.
And can you tell,
winter is not my favorite.
I know, you're all shocked.
Could it be possible that Bree knows how to whine?
Oh, yes.
I'm probably ridiculous but I felt like this past week
had to be spent outside as much as possible.
To sample every ray of sunlight,
revel in each bright Aspen,
glory in the dazzling blue skies,
and relish the warmth of this perfect Autumn week.

And outside it was!
5 trips to the park + 4 picnics = real good times

It's even worth the tantrums she throws
when it's time to leave.

Oh, and we got family
pictures taken.
You'd think my little fam would
be used to this kind of stuff by now.
Man alive,
was it hectic!
Thank you to my friend, Tami,
for puttin' up with the bunch of us!

And of course,
Bugg is ready to sack out.
And Ella broke his glasses.....again.

The cute couple in the middle are my parents
(note: Bugg's missing piece to his glasses)

Uncle Kenny & Brice

Food tastes so good outside.
Especially when magical leaves are falling
all around you.

Kisses do, too.

Marie ~ yumm peaches,
thank you!

We are still getting a total kick
out of Bugg's new skills.
He LOVES sitting up.
Can you imagine how empowered he must feel?!!

Oh, life, I love you.
And alright, alright,
winter will be welcomed
with a smile.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed them!! What a wonderful week you had. We think about you guys all the time . . . I know lame, right because we really need to have you over! It will happen. The house is in bit of array, Brent's getting ready to build his recording studio and our stuff that was in that room is everywhere!

    But in the mean time, thank you for being such an inspiration to me daily. I often think about the things you do and by golly one of these days I'm going to do them!

    P.S I'm sooooo happy, excited for you and Wyatt!!! What a beautiful miracle =)

  2. Oh, are beautifully blessed with a gift for expressing yourself in such a delightful way that is so sweetly savored and felt by others...including me. Thank you, Thank YOU so very much!

    Love, Sandie

  3. Your positive attitude is a great example to me. Bugg knew you'd need something to smile about with the time change coming and saved his new trick just to see you smile!

  4. Oh, how I love your optimistic attitude. Good attitudes seem to be a rarity today amongst the general population it seems. I'm an optimist, as well. Live each day to the fullest is my motto. And thank our heavenly father for another blessed day with my beautiful family and yours, too.

  5. CUTE FAMILY! :) Love the pictures and I too am sad to say goodbye to the sunny, bright days. But I love that it makes me that much more grateful when spring blossoms. Hang in there!!!!

  6. We spent a lot of time outside last week also. The weather was too beautiful not to. And I knew what Monday would bring. Cute family pics.

  7. I love the family picture! And let me tell you, I am SO excited about this fall back schedule. I'm also a little bummed about the evening daylight, but I'm SO glad when I get up to go running in the morning, it's not pitch black anymore. I got freaked out by coyotes one too many times.

  8. Oh I know- I wish we could hang on to fall! It's so magical!!!

  9. I'm so with you, I hate winter! I always hated the snow and being cold, but I'm realizing now too that the dark, dreary days are just plain depressing! Spring can't come fast enough!

  10. Oh Bree I am amazed I didn't think you could whine LOL! now I want to go play on the swings at the park! :)

  11. Looks like the pictures turned out good! Thanks for letting me help you. I felt so at home with your's weid...I keep thinking I already knew them...

  12. that looks like an awesome day. Love the family pictures as well. Thanks for sharing. my favorite picture is you, bugs and the wheels. that is incrediable.

  13. Way to take advantage of our gorgeous, extended Fall weather!

    The family photos are darling, I see where you get your adorableness from.

    I seriously think the city should rename that park to "Bugg's Park" or "Celebration Park" or something. You guys take advantage of it so well.


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