Thursday, November 18

taking questions!!!!

I get this a lot regarding Bugg:
"If you don't mind me asking.........",
and then they proceed to ask something
about his condition.

new toy: a space blanket -
fantastic texture & sound!

I'm sure I used to be like that, too.
Really timid & uncomfortable to ask about
someone's disability,
for fear of offending them.
I'm sure there were times when I remained curious
but said nothing at all.
But let's get this straight:
I am incredibly stoked about sharing Wyatt
and I Love LOVE love to talk about him.
My husband & I just light up when we
speak of our Bugg.
And we tell all, too.
So no question is awkward to us.
let's have it.
The Hunk & I are taking your questions.
Any single little question that you have.
About anything in the world.
You can leave a comment or email me:
breefro at yahoo.

I'm so excited!


  1. Really? Nothing??? C'mon, I'm bored. Just humor me, kids. Ask SOMEthing.

    I'll start.

    Bree, how do you pin your curls?

    There. Easy. Now, it's your turn.

  2. Bree do you do with Wyatt (PT,OT any of that stuff)or do you really primarily work with in your home with just you and your family?

    I do love your pin curls

  3. What were the first indicators that something wasn't right with your son? Were you afraid to have another child after Wyatt for fear of having another child with disabilities? Does it bother you that he has no conclusive diagnosis?

  4. How did Wyatt get the COOLEST mom ever?

  5. How do you get through the times when you feel helpless and sad for his future? You are an incredible mom it seems, very inspiring!

  6. Bree,

    Funny thing, I stopped by yesterday after I saw your blog linked at yourhomebasedmom. I loved reading about your families journey in this special world and yes it is the best! Thanks for your sweet comment.


  7. I also love your blog. We have two special needs children with very different needs. My question is: how do you take such amazing pictures of EVERYTHING? You capture random day to day stuff and it makes me sooo jealous!!!!

  8. I noticed epilepsy in the list to the right. Sebastian just started having seizures this summer so although we knew he could have epilepsy, it's still been a challenging road getting medicines right, etc. Does Wyatt have seizures? What kind? Are they controlled by medicine? If so, which ones?

    Wyatt has a very cool wheel chair, when did he get his first? Is it different than a special stroller? And what kind is it? This is also something we are starting to think about...

    I love love love your photos and your snipits on life. Beautiful. Gorgeous. I'm so happy to be a part of it just by stopping by.

  9. How do you other kids react to Wyatt getting extra attention?

  10. How interactive is Wyatt? He always seems so happy and involved in the photos you post, but I'm curious about how he actually interacts with everyone.


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