Sunday, November 28

festivities, freezing, & fevers

I love blogging.
Here I sit, eating fudge & sipping the best
hot apple cider.
The tree is up & sparkling.
We watched 50 bazillion Hallmark movies
this weekend.
My babes are tucked in.
My Hunk is near me watching the Jazz play.
Sounds dreamy, hmmmm?
But......the weekend has been
All my 3 darlings were/are SICK.
Which also means that I
took hardly any pictures.

Oh, Bugg.
He's been feverish all weekend.
Glassy-eyed and lethargic.
He is so silent when he throws up,
even coming out his nose.
He is the most patient lil' dude.
Today, Mia dropped a glass ornament
and Bugg laughed at the sound.
Good sign!
But he still had a fever when I put him to bed.
(Why must special kids get sick, too?!)
We did manage to pack in a lot of goodness
before the fevers started up.............

Mia doorbell ditches on
Thanksgiving Eve.

Breakfast on Thanksgiving morn.
Sausage legs & feathers,
blueberry eyeball,
jam gobbler.

Bugg sleeps while Dada, Mia,
& Uncle J jam before Thanksgiving dinner.

A sickie Ella sits with Uncle J.

Brian & his bros throw the football in
FreeeEEEEEeeezing weather.

my brother's "milk mustache" drawing

Grandpa & Rooskii

Mia & cousin Ashtyn make
apple turkeys

Let me spell it out:
That's fudge, baby!

watching "Little Women"

Mia got the energy up during the Tylenol high
to help decorate the tree and
discover Christmas treasures that have been boxed up.
She let me put her hair back to keep it out of
her mouth while she was leaning over a bowl.
The girl is SO picky about me touching her hair.
Is it not the saddest thing in the world
to have pathetically sick kids?!

Bree fluffs the branches on the raddest
artificial tree.

the view from Bugg's window

Hope you have a warm & snuggly
Pray for us!
Mamas can NOT get sick.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmm, FUDGE! Yummmm.

    *said a healing prayer for your sweet, little ones and also prayed for Mama and Daddy to stay well*

    Hope Mia, Ella and Bugg will wake up feeling much, MUCH better.


  2. Hope everyone gets better there and you and your Hunk stay well. Missed you in church yesterday.

  3. I am so sorry, it is soo hard when all the kids are sick. I am praying you do not and for God to give you extra grace xoxo Clarice

  4. aww I am sorry the kiddos are sick...Sending healing vibes your way.

    Love you guys!

  5. so sorry the kids are sick, lots of prayers that they are better in a hurry. great pics

  6. Those curls! Oh my goodness. Hope you can stay healthy! :)

  7. UGH! Sorry you guys are so sick. (well not you, your littles) It's hard to watch children suffer. Hopefully it's fast and everyone is back to normal soon. And may you escape the plague. (I wasn't so lucky back here) LOVES!

  8. You're right, Special Kids should not have to get sick and moms shouldn't either!

  9. Aw, hope everyone gets feeling better! Love you!

  10. Your traditions are great. I hope they are all feeling better, you're right special kids should be exempt from those sicknesses! Your tree looks so pretty from the outside


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