Thursday, November 4

a trick up his sleeve

Progress with Bugg has always been slow.
I got used to it.
Maybe a bit too used to it.
Therapy was just discouraging for me and he despised it, too.
I decided to love my special boy just as he was
and I fully accepted him and his disabilities.
Therefore, therapies and pushing him to do more
But then just recently,
we've seen him scootching backwards
and doing crunchies.
And then standing.
And now........

What in the world?!
When did this happen?
It's like Christmas around here!!!

The other night,
I was getting Bugg dressed into his PJs.
I sit him up and pull his shirt off over his head.
Then I help him fall backward.
But on this night, he didn't fall.
He just sat there.
Like a pro.
For 5 looooooong seconds!

I know he gets lots of therapy at school
but THIS!
It's like Bugg was saving it up for this moment
to just blow me out of the water
and say, "Mama! Surprise!"

And then ever so slowly,
he rolls backward into a crunchie,
catching his head just before he hits the carpet.
Like a pilates pose.
That kid.
The miracle worker continues!
And PS: he's up to 2 minutes now.


  1. LOVE IT!! This is how Zach is.. WONDERFUL PROGRESS!!

  2. He looks SO grown up sitting there!

  3. Bugg is AMAZING!!! Love this guy to pieces. He looks so happy as if to say, "I was just waiting for the perfect time to show you what I got"!!!

  4. Bugg is shining SO brightly!! Spontaneity is the spice of life and Bugg sure knows how to spring some super spectacular surprises when it comes to standing AND sitting!!

    What an amazing and very special surprise to SEE him sitting.

    Love, Love, LOVE it, Bree and I know that your heart is dancing with glee and your spirit is soaring on the mountaintops!

  5. YIPEE!!! What a trickster he is?!

  6. So VERY wonderful! Congratulations ~ I have a huge smile on my face for you. So very, very exciting!

  7. I certainly can't think of a better Christmas present. Absolutely wonderful!

  8. That is truly wonderful! You must be so encouraged--and he is just beautiful, such an angelic face a true blessing from above:-)

  9. That is AWESOME!!!! He just wanted to do things in his own time. He is such an adorable boy.

  10. That is awesome. i am so amazed. I bet he is tickled pink to show you too.

  11. That is so awesome! So so awesome!

  12. What exciting news! That is great that he is making all this progress. Standing and now sitting? Just awesome! I just think he is so very cute!

  13. Love it!!!! That's how Katie is. In her own time. There's no rushing her. We call it "Katie-time."

    Love the pictures of Wyatt. He looks so happy and proud of himself. What a beautiful little boy!

    He is amazing and so are you!

  14. Oh my gosh!! Bree look at him!!! Wyatt you are so amazing!! So proud of you!

  15. That just gives me chills!!!

  16. Bree- your boy brings me so much joy! He is just plain amazing! Our kids have their own time line, there really is no telling what they will or wont do much less when. It is all so overwhelming (in a good way) so much all at once and out of the blue... just wonderful. Standing, scootching, AND sitting! Oh my lord this boy is awesome! There is no telling what he will do next! I gurantee you Bree Wyatt has much more where this is coming form just sit back and watch him go! Thank you for all that you share about your kids and for all that you celebrate you and your family are truely way too amazing and wonderful and your blog cheers me up time after time, I always look forward to reading your blog. Wyatt is such an amazing buggy. I bet he will continue to amaze you more than you know :)

  17. Bree!

    You just delight and thrill me with all of your "LOVE posts of your BUGG!" What a doll he is! Thanks for lighting up my life. Everytime I read one of your posts, you help me to want to do better and be a better person! Congrats on that darling little family of yours. We sure miss you guys in California. We talk of the days in the old NH ward! Hope it's a grea day for you! Take care!
    --Tiff Vuki

  18. Horray! That is wonderful!!! What amazing progress that boy is making lately! Keep it up Wyatt!!!

  19. Way to go!!! Sitting is just the best!

  20. Hoorah for the Bugg!! He is just so darn cute! He must show his Aunt Brookie all his new tricks real soon.

  21. Hi Bree coongratulations Bugg you did it, you sat and stood by yourself in the same few days?! Christmas spirit coming early? Bree you must feel like you are floating in the clouds. I actually tried too have Kiara my daughter do the same she is 3 yrs and 4mths, because Bugg inspired me. She did it, holding my hand. But thank you both you always ake me smile

  22. Woot! Woot! Love this kid!!!!! Way to go Wyatt!

  23. Oh, wow!! That is amazing!! I just have to tell you...every time I see Wyatt's face, I cannot help but smile. He has THE best smile EVER!! YAY for progress!!

  24. AMAZING! And THRILLING! And STUPENDOUS. Love that little Bugg of yours!!! xo

  25. That is so exciting! He must be so proud of himself :)

  26. Wow! What fantastic progress! He's showering you guys in gifts and reminding everyone about miracles!


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