Monday, November 1

Hallow's Eve

Beautifully spooky Halloween Eve,
on our way to the family party.

a bunch of grapes, hippie Mama, the clown,
Dada in a black 'n orange shirt (what??),
and a hippie Bugg

Oh, my gosh, I love Halloween.
"It's my favorite holiday."
(I'm sure I've never said that about any other holiday.)
I love all the happy stuff about it, though,
none of the spook stuff, thank you.
Orange is such a cheery color, for one.
And what is not to like about a smiley Jack o' lantern?
Pumpkin cookies, a spaghetti brain (ok, that's gross),
leafy garlands, changing our minds about costumes a zillion times,
our leaning homemade scarecrow that weirded out all the neighbors,
giddy 6 year olds over for a "late night" making pumpkin play-do
and painting fingernails orange.
Enjoying cider & donuts with friends.
oh, oh, OH! LOVE.

And Happy Halloween to me
from my dad-in-law
(thank you)!
A bounce flash! Hip! Hip!
My sis-in-law is the queen of Halloween
and threw a happenin' party.
As in, practically every room in her house
was dedicated to kids being able to have-at-it.
I bet their shop-vac motor blew trying to suck up all the hay!

Esmerelda, the Halloween witch, came during the night!
She left these sweet little friends
in the 3 pumpkins on our doorstep.
One for each of my babes.
I wonder if Mia will ask her friends what
Esmerelda brought them in their pumpkins?
Last year in Kindergarten,
she came home from school and said
that none of her friends got anything in theirs.
What?!!! How could that be?
Those poor children.

Halloween Day was very spooky
with gray skies, rain, crazy wind, and hail.

We spent the evening cozied up at
G & G's house.
Mia was good with just a quick jaunt around the block
for trick-or-treating.
She hasn't even asked about her candy today.

And check this out.......

Bugg & Uncle Glenn at the park

We are going to gulp up this first week
of this new month.
The weather is supposed to be nice & clear.
And with Daylight savings on Sunday,
our chances for picnicking and park-going are

Enjoy your week outdoors,


  1. You are such a talented photographer. Fantastic costumes, looks like a wonderful Halloween.

  2. Can I come to your house next halloween? :)

  3. What a Fun Halloween!! Beautiful photos- beautiful family & awesome costumes!

  4. As always, your photos tell the story so well and capture such beauty!


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