Wednesday, March 10

spring itch

Who else is waiting
super impatiently
for Spring?

I think Spring is
getting closer, though,
I caught a bug!
A LADYbug.
Right in my bedroom!
But then I let
him go.

pic taken 3/10/09

I wonder if it's
the same one that
was in my
exactly one
year ago?
I never did catch
this one.

I caught another bug.
A cute BUGG.
Boy, did I clobber him.
But I'm not
letting this
one go.
Bugg is a KEEPER!


  1. I am sooo ready for spring. Bugg is definitely a keeper. I want to play with that hair so bad!

  2. what an adorable picture!!

  3. What a great mom you are! And YES!!! So ready for Spring!

  4. Definately a keeper! How could you NOT clobber him with kisses. :)

  5. I have been keeping up with you blogs for sometime and I think they're great! Very inspiring and I love the little ways you decorate your house for the season or little holidays. I'm glad to hear Bugg is in school and doing well. What a huge blessing it is that we have such wonderful people who take special care in teaching little Bugg. Hope all is still well with you guys.


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