Tuesday, March 16

Green Eve

Holidays thrill me.
I really love the
Day o' Green.

The leprechauns have come 'n gone.
They played their tricks,
kissed everyone,
& hid the treasure
at the end of the

What have the
lil' rascals done at
your abode?
Is anyone else
giddy as they'll get out?!!!???!
or is it just me?

Oh, my HECK!
How can I sleep tonight?
I'm so exciiiiiited!


  1. Bugg's mama your so much fun! We have already finished breakfast here and nothing green was on the menu silly me and I'm just now googling Shamrock crafts to gets a little festive around here. I wish I have your energy your awesome

  2. Oh how fun! I always thought of St. Patricks day as kind of a dumb holiday, but now I want to do all this stuff. Is it to late to start with my kids now?

  3. I've always thought St Patrick's Day was dumb too, but my kids like it, so we're doing a few things. I can't bring myself to do the green food though, so we're having Irish food. I searched high and low for lamb, and couldn't find any, so corned beef it is, with colcannon and irish soda bread, and green velvet cupcakes for dessert.

    Yes, Katie has some mischief brewing. She's into EVERYTHING. Wait until you see the collage I made of her last night, it's scheduled to go up in a couple days on my blog. She's made some huge steps though. Last weekend, she started signing "eat" (although now she just giggles at me when I ask her to do it, but I KNOW she knows how!), and she started pushing herself up on low objects, and this morning, she walked along the couch TWICE! I cried and had to call Rusty.

    Bugg is beautiful as always. I love his smile and how his spirit shines through his eyes.

  4. How cute! I love the little leprechaun kisses!

    "Lucky" the leprechaun colored the milk green and the toilet water. He also hid the kid's shoes. They thought it was so funny. Aaron had a St. Patty's day party at our house this afternoon with all of his little friends. It was a fun and silly day!

  5. a kiss?! why didn't I think of that?!!
    wonderful! I'm new to your blog, and Ive really enjoyed it! nice to "meet" you!


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