Thursday, March 18

recipe must include music

Frank & I made
dinner together.
Music inspires
my cooking.
I love, love, love,
my CD player
in the kitchen.
Please invest
in one.
Or blare the music
from the nearest stereo.
Your flare for
meal concoctions will
improve big time.
And you'll find yourself
dancing around the kitchen
as you add some
S & P, a bit of basil,
some more parsley.
What have you.

Rooskii's toes
Dinnertime prep seems
to always get my
mind going.
And at the most
chaotic time of day.....
cranky children,
she wants to be held,
she wants to have a friend over,
he is bored & biting
his hands off,
Chop, chop some veggies.
Measure some flour.
Put the pacifier in again.
Help with homework.
(In Kindergarten??? Please.)
Stir, stir. Pour, pour.
Oh, the craziness of it.
But the music keeps me
And so yes,
I was thinking.

Rooskii's hand
About ultrasounds.
When a mother
gets that first ultrasound
of her baby growing inside,
she thinks,
"I just want it to have
10 fingers & 10 toes."
I mean, I did.
And I've heard it
a zillion times from
But after having Bugg,
I think,
"What if it doesn't have
10 fingers & toes?"
or is missing that or the other?
You'll still love that baby.
You'll still cherish every ounce
of that baby.
I still love my
special boy.
His brain isn't formed
But he is PERFECT!
Perfect, I tell you.

Just absoposolutely perfect.
Pic from Halloween 2009.


  1. Found your blog recently and I love coming back to visit! :) Your kids are adorable! And you are an inspiration to a mom with only 1 baby, I still find it hard to imagine parenting 2 or 3 or more... maybe one day we'll find out how that is! :) Ah, yes, I love music too, I have a radio in every room and put it on most of the time, definitely helps when cooking, folding loundry, cleaning, etc, you're totally right!

  2. They don't come more perfect than our BUGG!

  3. I love my mounted CD player in the kitchen too. But my music needs some refreshing. It doesn't inspire me anymore. Any suggestions?

    Katie has the same sheets as Rooski. :) Love your thought on the ultrasound. I feel the same way. I used to pray that my baby would be healthy, but then with Katie, it changed, and I prayed just to be able to get to know my baby, and to take care of her, no matter what. Now, I'm scared to have another baby, but at the same time, I know how much joy we get from our special girl, and I love our babies no matter what.

  4. Cute post. I love music in the kitchen too. And that costume is the greatest!


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