Thursday, March 4

time out

Bugg never gets in trouble.
But sometimes he ends
up like this:

Stuck off somewhere
while he patiently
waits for us to bring
him over to
where we are.
Sometimes we forget to
move him with us.
he hung out in
the dark hallway
for 20 minutes.
I'd forgotten about
him while dealing
with my screaming newborn.
OH! Poor Bugg!
He is so forgiving.


  1. Hey! We will be at my parents the week before Easter. I'm on Spring Break from March 27th to April 6th(I think). Let me know when you'll be in town and we'll try to get together.

  2. Such a cutie!!! I haven't followed your blog for more than a week or so...but I have to think your Bugg has a heart bigger and more forgiving than most!!!!


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