Monday, March 1

a date to the city

A trip to the big city,
just mama & the boy.
Bugg got lots of attention today,
not just from me.

It wasn't your typical
"park and ice cream cone"
kind of date.
We went to Shriner's
and then to the
Children's hospital
and then BACK to Shriner's.
Oh, my.

A parent would never
that they'd have to come
here with their child.
But believe me & Bugg,
these places are
Angels dwell here.
Some we see in the form
of crippled bodies.
Some dressed in uniforms
we call drs & nurses.
And some present
but not seen.
I'm sure of it.

How else could a Bugg
be so happy
while being x-rayed,
and such?
Yes, we had a good day together.

We ate out.
As in,
ate in the cafeteria.
Spaghetti squash and rice
for the Bugg.
Some Mexican-ish for mama.
Ice cream, too. Traditions!

And a surprise!
The Bugg was fitted
for braces.
Not the kind his dada has
on his teeth.
These braces are
for his feet!
To help them
stay in a comfy
& neutral position.
The BLESSINGS, I tell ya.

Back in the day,
I would have been totally
bummed out by the news
that Bugg had yet another
special need.
Like the braces.
But now, it's more like
Christmas Eve.
Something to help Bugg?!

We made new friends today.
And even bumped into a
kindred spirit from so long ago.
Happy little memories were made, too.
I love the one-on-one time
I can have with my children.
Even at dr appointments!
Every experience really
can be turned into a
treasured adventure!

Mama & Bugg,
hand in hand.
A special life,
a different life.
And it is


  1. I've heard such good things about Shriners. I'm so glad he's getting the help he needs! I LOVE the first picture!

  2. Looks like you had a full day. What a darling family you have. I love to read your blog. Cracken' up about the hide and find post you posted a while back.

  3. Braces.. Wow!!! Can't wait till he gets 'em! That'll be one awesome show-n-tell!!!

  4. I can honestly say I know what you mean. Every time J and I go to PCMC we have our "special lunch" in the cafeteria. Who knew pudding could be so cool.

    It is our time away together. Even though my little guy doesn't talk much, we still get to spend the day and do something that is just between us.

    Hard to explain that to others, but I know you get it. I'm glad he had a good day and that more "blessings" are coming his way.

  5. I love how you talk about the growth you've gained from the years of appointments. That is so true with life! It's great to stop and look where we are and compare to where we've been.

  6. I love this post, wow someone else who gets it.

    Shriners is awesome, they have been so good about getting Junior what he needs.

  7. I'm a bawlin'! Darling post.

  8. We go to shriners EVERY monday. We didn't get to go yesterday. We could have met up! Shriners is such a good place. I love it there. I wish we didn't have to go but since we do I have agree it is a GREAT place!

  9. What an awesome date with Bugg and Mama!

  10. Thanks for the sweet comments to my blog. I think the blog is already developing into a form of therapy. Your sweet Bugg is adorable. I'm so sorry that you don't have an exact diagnosis. That has to make things a little harder for you. But, just think of it as adding to his uniqueness. I'll be following you guys.


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