Monday, March 8

winter piknickin'

Snow shmrow!

But that doesn't
stop us from
packin' the car
and heading up
to the mountains
for a picnic.....

in the CAR.
We aren't THAT
ambitious, people.
I love winter
picnics like this.
The scenery is
so gorgeous.
The heater so warm.
A simple lunch just

A little gallavanting
through the snow.
That's a Hunk
and a Meeskii
out there.
Running the r/c
car through the snow.
BTW, have you
seen this?

Babes watched from
their snuggly

Dangerous, indeed.

my home
SWEET home!


  1. You are an amazing inspiration to special needs mothers out there. I was captivated by your blog and just couldn't stop reading. WOW!!!!! We would love to highlight your fabulous idea for your Sunday Sundaes on our myheartandhome blog. Can we? Truely INSPIRATIONAL!!!!!!!

  2. My, my, my! You truly are ambitious. Your children will always remember these amazing adventures!

  3. What a fun snow day! My kiddos wish they had them :)

  4. It's been so fun to read about your adventures. I can't remember if we have permission on your family blog or not, will you send one Thanks for sharing!! It really does help us to remember that "the little things ARE the big things" Love ya xoxo ♥

  5. We love Utah! Been there to ski 3 or 4 times. Park City and Deer Valley. Long way from South Alabama. Hope to try Wyoming next winter. We have friends who just returned from The Canyons (I think it was) and they told of a fearless little 5 year-oldish girl with Down syndrome who was in ski school with their child. She wanted to ski so fast that the instructor had to leash her. The little boys in the class kept telling the instructor that they didn't want to go that fast. This gives me hope that my fearless little 3 year old will enjoy snow skiing as well. Take care of that lovely family of yours. Have a good week.

  6. Yikes. Glad you had a good time and didn't stumble on to anything scary. You know what I mean? Looks like you had a great time though. That other lady, not so much. :(

  7. That is an awesome idea. I love your creative mind.

  8. Your little Bugg is so cute! You are inspiring! I'm glad you found my blog too. It is nice to connect with other moms of kids with special needs.


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