Wednesday, March 24

the DDS

Went to the dentist
for the routine check-up.
And to our surprise,
Bugg has an overbite.
He eats
his hands/sucks on
his fingers every waking hour.
His hands are horribly red
and puffy and blistery.
We have him wear arm braces
to keep him from putting his
hands in his mouth.
But this irritates him a lot
so we end of giving him
one hand for comfort.
He has even gotten a staph
infection in one of his hands
because the blister got infected.
We also tried some imported
fancy stuff from Sweden
that you paint on the fingernails.
He still went at it
but just looked as if he wanted to
throw up.
We've probably already
tried them all but I'm
always open to suggestions.

Oh, and what do you do
after going to see the dentist?
Or any doctor, for that matter?


  1. I know that One Step Ahead sells some sort of finger guard. One for fingers and one for thumbs. Our pediatric dentist said they've worked wonderfully for all of their patients except one. Might be worth a shot if you think it would work!

    I've got a thumb-sucker with eczema. Her poor little thumbs are constantly red and peeling. :(

  2. Junior sees the dentist Friday, fun, fun.
    that pic of Bugg with his cookie is soooo cute

  3. Ugh I wish I had some great idea. I do know that aquaphor by Eucerin does wonders for my boys exzema and Jax cheeks from his fingers always being in his mouth. But I don't know how to soothe him and keep the fingers away. Will he suck on a binky?

  4. Can't help with any advice about finger sucking. My little man sucked his two middle fingers until he was seven. Our orthodontist got him to stop on our first visit by having him "promise" to never suck his fingers again. He had Cole look him in the eye, man to man, and promise to stop. And he did, right there and then. Of course, there were rewards involved. The orthodontist called him the next day to check on him and had him come by the office a week later for a "goody bucket" of candy (of all things!) Maybe when Bugg is older...

  5. Been there, done that! I can tell you that Lindsay DID grow out of it eventually! It may just be one of those things with a "special child" you have to "wait out". We have been pleasantly surprised at how many things have become not as big a deal as we thought they would!
    Lindsay has an over bite too, and we are waiting that out to see if she can handle braces...we still struggle to get through a regular appointment at the Dentist..she RARELY lets them do anything except count her teeth!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is nice to know I am not the only one out there with a "less than normal" family!!!

  6. Oh, I forgot to say...THOSE CURLS ARE KILLIN' ME!! So so so so precious!!!


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