Sunday, March 28

celebrating us

The first gorgeous
Saturday of the season!

It was so meant for
me & the Hunk
to get out,
just me & him,
to celebrate US.

Dates have become
important to us,
especially as
more babies have
come along.
That time with
just each other
is so needed.
And it's so dang fun.
My husband makes me
laugh and forget that
I'm a 30 year old,
sometimes very stressed out,
doctor appointment setting,
time-out giving,
laundress of a mama.
Instead, he makes me
feel as if I'm a
school gal again,
giddy and carefree.
Plus he says I'm hot.
He is a good man.

A breakfast date to
All you can eat french toast.
I always eat more than he does.
It's trademark.
On our first date,
he took me out to Hard Rock.
I ate all my dinner,
PLUS HIS leftovers.
That did it for the Hunk,
he was keeping me.

And then I get to
come back to my babies.
All refreshed.
I feel as if I can do this
mothering thing.
My batteries have been
recharged and I
know that I can
give them my best self
when I'm taking care
of me, too.
And taking care of my
sacred marriage.
I feel so blessed.
And quite blessed, also, to
have grandparents close by!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, G&G!

I love how happy
they are to see

That's why we're here.
To be happy.
It's hard sometimes.
But this life
is good.
Can I get an "amen?"


  1. Yes you can! AAAAAmen! :)
    Fantastic post, a beautiful reminder to live the love, thank you!

  2. AMEN!!! Okay, here's something I didn't know we had in common: my first outing (it wasn't a date, just a bunch of people out together) with Taylor when we first met, I out-ate him too! I ate my food AND his leftovers. And we ordered the exact same thing. I love it!

  3. Amen, Sista! I'm glad you and your man got a hot date. Sounds like fun!

  4. Hello Beautiful! Thank you for the great post and the hot date! Ich hab dich lieb! 143!

  5. Amen to that! So glad you got to seak out with your hubby! HOORAY!

  6. Lucky duck!! And I love the idea of a breakfast date. How fun!

  7. AMEN to that Sistah!! A good babysitter (or family member) is a PRICELESS thing to have ♥ It really does take a village to raise a child

  8. Amen to many things in that post! :) Dates are so important, grandparents nearby are awesome, and going home and seeing how much those kids missed you and loved you - priceless!


  9. I love breakfast dates!! Amen to everything!

  10. A breakfast date . . . .what a great idea!
    You are simply an amazing wife and mom Bree. AMEN sister!


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