Wednesday, March 17

love & luck

I feel like such
a lucky gal.
Today was filled
with LOVE.
Just being with
the ones I adore
so much.
It was also filled
with food coloring....

Green eggs....
Bread is painted with
colored milk.
Then toasted.

The weather was glorious!
And we are beginning
to see some green again!!!!
We are lucky to
have such terrific
so we delivered
a bunch of
shamrock mistletoe.

Bugg's school had
a St. Pat's party.
The dancing was awesome.
I never noticed
all the eyes on us.
Bugg is such a celeb.

This dada can really
tear it UP!
He was doing
cotton-eye Joe,
grapevines, twirls,
and all that hype.
With Bugg.
And I was rollin'.

Oh, fun!
Our favorite.
The flashlight hunt
to find the treasure:
a rainbow cake.

I love a day filled with
Such a happy color!
I have eaten
way too many
Lucky Charms.
We get it only
once a year.
Got to stock up
my belly.
Is it eerie
to know your insides
are stained green
for the day?
I was happy to for-go
the ol' Corned Beef n' Cabbage.
Blech, blah, ICK!
Loooooved the hot dogs 'n chips
at Bugg's party.
I can break out of tradition.
And oh, OH,
I am soooooo
lucky to have you
swell readers.
You just really add
to my day with
your comments and blog posts.
Thank you.
Love, Bree


  1. I need some of your energy :)

  2. What a fun day! Green has become my favorite color. Yesterday was fabulous, I even walked up to the school to pick up the boys! Lovin it!

  3. Wow, what a fun filled day! We had corned beef and cabbage and the family loved it! I love these pictures. Your children are going to love seeing these posts in 10 years. Oh, such fun!

  4. Way to celebrate!!! I will have to try and be more fun next year on the green day!

  5. I always love your blog(s), but especially around the holidays because you have the most fun ideas EVER!

  6. What a lucky day!! So fun!!

  7. I read your posts and see your pictures and all I can think is ALOT of energy and a whole lot ...of patience...I don't know how you do it all!!!


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