Thursday, March 25

sibling therapies

"Therapy is life."
That's what I heard
when Bugg started the
early intervention program
when he was just
one month old.

But I quickly found
that he despised therapies
and SO DID I.
It stressed me out.
He was showing
such little progress
and cried all the while.
I had this constant
guilt when I wasn't doing
therapies with him.
I would forget,
he was napping,
we were too busy,
all the excuses
to avoid the dreaded

We did stuff here and there.
But I wasn't hard core.
It wasn't my life.
Bugg, Meeskii, my husband....
they were my life.
And so therapies
just made their way
into the natural happenings
and goings-on with the
Ahhh, that was much better.
I don't blame myself
that he is not walking yet.
Or doing this or that.
I take my cues from him.
And he is a happy guy.

With the addition of Rooskii,
we've had more opportunities
to do therapies.
She's a teacher already.
It has been loads of fun
to have another typical child.
All the "firsts."
They have taken on
a new meaning this time around.
In a healing kind of way for me.
Rooskii pulls Bugg's hair,
chews on his arm braces,
and steals his glasses.
The pesky lil' sis
has no idea,
or does she,
just how much
big brother is going
to teach her in life.


  1. Look at that boy sitting! Woohoo!

  2. precious, and your groundedness ( is that a word?) is refreshing!! keep it up Mamma ♥

  3. I bet baby sis is a great therapist! Sometimes I feel like therapy is worthless since jax isn't doing anything more than 2 years ago. But we keep on chugging. If anything, I think he really likes interacting with his therapists! We'll take that.

  4. Loved this post! This is SO how my heart feels about my little guy! I know his brothers are his best therapy... and that he is teaching them more than they'll ever fully realize...

  5. WOW!! My thoughts totally on therapy. It was the same way with Caleb. When he was little and we tried "feeding" therapy, the more we pushed the more he retreated. It was very frustrating. He never has learned to eat, but did learn to walk--on his own on his own time. We are currently not in any therapy. He get what he needs from school, and when he is ready to learn new things he will. With his baby brother it too has been fun to watch him grow, I never really experience real "firsts" with having premature twins they were never where they were supposed to be. Therapy is great for some, but not for all.

  6. I have constant feelings of guilt that I'm doing enough therapy time with Kaitlyn. It's soo good to see that I'm not alone!


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