Wednesday, October 6

afterschool on the porch

We all are so excited when big sis
comes home from school.
The days are so loooong on school days.
When the weather is peachy,
we wait for Mia on the porch.
And some days we even get to eat cookies.

K, so what's the deal with silly bands?

We talk about how school went and
what was for hot lunch.
(well, I guess it's called school lunch now.)
It is ridiculously awesome that Mia
talks about her day as being "the BEST day ever."
Library day, assemblies, book order,
p.e., being the "queen" and such.
I mean, wow.


  1. I just don't know about the silly bands thing O.o But I do know that dangling a few before my daughters' noses can achieve mighty things :P

  2. I think we'd all like to be welcomed home like that! :)

  3. Yeah, I've had to make the switch from "hot lunch" to "school lunch" as well. Frontier memories.

  4. I am not sue about those bands, if you find out, I would love to you.

  5. Silly bands are FINALLY not the rage out her anymore. Last year they sold out so fast and stores had to keep them up front so that they wouldn't get stolen, good grief! Now you can find them at the dollar tree, but kids don't care about them anymore like any other fad. I sent some to Stacy in San Francisco and she hadn't heard of them yet. I guess they are making their way out west :)

  6. I know what you mean about silly bands. Our 1st grade teacher finally said NO MORE at school. :)

  7. I just love the Welcome Home Mia note in chalk and waiting on the porch with cookies...yum!

    Cookie faces are cute and your whole family is just oh so sweet!!


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