Thursday, October 28

the cowboy, the hippie, and a drumroll, please

Bugg has had two Halloween parties
at preschool already.
The boy can really strut his stuff!
The cowbugg.......

the stache just kills me!

And the hippie-bugg.....

coming off the bus

With bell-bottoms, peace patches,
and a FRO,
Bugg seemed to be saying,
"Make peace, not war......
and mother, someday I'll get you for this."
Okay, so,
insert a hearty drumroll.............

He stands!
And perhaps for only .07 seconds,
but still.
(Brian was right there, I promise.)
Oh, OH! My heart is so happy
to see this.
And look, little sister is looking UP to her big brother.
When Wyatt isn't in his chair,
she is normally
ripping his glasses off, patting his hair, &
poking her finger in his belly button.
This is a new favorite picture of mine.
Peace out, friends!


  1. OMG!! I totally just felt this great elation at seeing him standing up!! He's the cutest hippie I've ever seen. Also, the cutest cowboy!

  2. Oh my, cuteness! I can't believe that little boy is standing! Way to go Wyatt!

  3. so cute, wow wonderful to see him standing, way to go big guy.

  4. I am celebrating such a big milestone with in, in our world every "inchstone" counts :)

  5. Wow standing that is very impressive. Ashley can stand for very brief periods too she is working on it all the time.

  6. I just about fell off my chair! YAY for Wyatt! That sweet boy continues to amaze me.

  7. Horray! What a major accomplishment! Way to go Wyatt!

  8. Tears!! LOVE IT!!! Congrats!

  9. Woooohoooo! Way to go Wyatt!!! :)
    I looked at the picture and thought, I must have missed something... - is Wyatt standing standing on his own? Sooo happy for all of you, that's one awesome achievement, even if only for a split second! Awesome photos!

  10. WOW!!!!! That's incredible!!!!! Congratulations. :D

  11. Way to go Little Man!!!!! Standing is AWESOME!!!!!! So proud of you!

  12. Oh my goodness, I am typing through tears!!! I am so happy to see my favorite little man standing on his own. What an amazing moment in time for all of you!!!! I love you to the moon and back Bugg and miss you tons every day!! Congrats Mom & Dad - you are both great parents who are full of love and blessed beyond measure!! Love you all :)

  13. How awesome! He looks amazing standing on his own!

  14. Wow!!!! Way to go Bugg!!!!! (do you think the 'stache gave him special powers?) :)

  15. Seeing Bugg STANDING is awesome and makes me smile because I'm already picturing him standing for longer and longer periods, holding on to your hand and taking a step or two...and oh my...the possibilities are so absolutely wonderful!!

    Did you pinch yourself? I sure did and then I just sat and stared at the picture of him standing and was at a loss for words...but had a big smile on my face!

    .07 seconds standing all by himself is a big, BIG deal!! It's ENORMOUS!!

    *happy happy joy joy* :)

  16. OH MY GOSH!!! YAY! I totally did a double take, lol I was like wait he is standing...HE IS STANDING!! so happy for you guys :)

  17. Yay Wyatt!!!! How thrilling!

  18. That is SOOOOO great. I'm so happy for you both. Baby steps... well, literally, but I'm so glad you are seeing progress!

  19. Yep, the stache is a killer for sure!

    YAY for standing little man! I stared and stared at the picture. He looks so relaxed and hippie-ish.

    I love this picture too. It represents all possibilities! So happy for you and your family!!

    I look forward to seeing a video of him walking!

    Love, Kelly

  20. Oh my goodness! I was dying laughing at the costume pictures and THEN...WHAT? Bugg standing? AMAZING, AWESOME, he looks so BIG!! I'm so proud of him! It's so cool. I'm speechless. That is the coolest, most awesome picture on your blog yet!

  21. His costumes are great, so funny.

    I looked at the picture of him standing, then did a double-take, then did a "what-the?" and then saw your words about it. Wow!

  22. Oh HOORAY!! I am AMAZED! We are just tickled for you!!!

  23. Love those costumes! The stache is awesome! Way to go Bugg! We are so proud of you learning to stand on your own.

  24. love his costumes. The tie die bell bottoms I made pjs out of that same fabric. That is awesome.
    Side note, OMG , he is standing. that is totally amazing. I had to share that will everyone at work. I am so thrilled. I can't even image how you feel.

  25. OMG!!!!! So thrilled for all of you! He looks like such a big boy, literally!! I love how Ella is looking up to him!

  26. wow!!! look at him! that's fantastic!!

  27. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!? My whole night was made better by seeing this picture. I'm SO HAPPY!!! Congrats to your sweet Bugg. I just love him so. xo

  28. Speechless...Priceless...Miraculous...why can't I think of a better word right now?!?!? (Mr. Bordeaux would be so disappointed!)

    My Sunday just got soooo much brighter!!! I love, Love, LOVE your family.

    Thank you Wyatt, for being such an inspiration to me!

  29. O.k So I was having a bad day, but now ask me what kind of day I am having? I am having one of the absolute BEST days ever, and do you know why? Because I saw Buggy standing all by himself. and oh my tears just run down my face imagining how proud he was of himself and I can just imagine how proud you and Brian where of him. I love this picture I dont think I have ever stared at a picture for just so long. Im on cloud 9 now. just what I needed to get over my crabbiness with the feeding supply company lol. Yai Wyatt! xxxx bunch o hugs your way baby boy! MUA MUA MUA MUA from Bri Hailey and me!

  30. Yay! I'm so happy for the Bugg! And you!

    By the way, somehow your feed wasn't being updated in my reader so I got like 10 from you today. And I need to go to the park. We used to go every day, but now that it takes effort (and a car) to get there. We don't go NEARLY as often.


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