Monday, October 18

9 am just got even better

You know how much
I love my sunshine when it
makes its grands entrance through the
windows every morning.
But now,
OH, now.
It's been maximized.

It is positively Autumn, baby.

Markers + Water + paint brush + coffee filters
Frugal Family Fun Blog gave us this idea.
Just draw blotches of color onto coffee filters,
paint over it with water so the colors bleed,
then cut out leaves and tape them to your window.
I used a brown marker to draw a silly little tree.

It's like a Friday night when the movie
is ready to start, popcorn bowls assembled in laps
and everyone is yelling,
"The movie is starting!"
Watching the sun peer over the mountain top
and into our home sweet home
is like that anticipated moment.

And hey, look at that! I'm linkin' up. Oh, yeah.


  1. What a cool project! I know Whitney would love to do this, but our crappy windows are so bad that with these cooler mornings we've already got condensation running on the inside!

  2. How pretty! We make coffe filter eggs to put on the windows for Easter. I've never thought of doing leaves like this! What a great idea!

  3. I love those leaves...I think am going to steal the idea for my nannying job. Thank you :)

  4. What a beautiful tree! I would love to wake up and see that every morning. :) Your new header is amazing .... Bugg is SO handsome!

  5. What a wonderful way to welcome the sunshine!

  6. Just saw you on Skip to My your tree, soooooo pretty~

  7. That makes me think of stringing the crystals up to make rainbows on Pollyanna!! Very fun!

  8. I love your tree! We should try doing something like that on our slider. Will the brown marker come off easily, you think?

  9. that is awesome, did you color the tree on the window or coffee filters. I think I am going to do pumpkins. Thanks for the Idea.

  10. This is fabulously inspired. You have the perfect window for this and what a great project to do with kids. You will remember this forever. It is simple and simply beautiful. I'm a fan.
    Pam @ beColorful

  11. I know crayola makes Window Markers-- is that what you used for the tree, or regular markers?
    Awesome idea!

  12. I am SO happy you did this! It looks stunning! Thanks so much for the link-love. xoxo :-)

  13. Just regular markers, Galiah. And it comes off really easily, Michie.


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