Friday, October 1

we met Nie Nie

Fridays are always good.
Because it's FRIDAY.

Breakfast today: Pumpkin Pancakes.

This first day of October had me
waking up on a high from the previous night.
I got to go hear Stephanie Nielson speak.
(no, I didn't meet her then, just keep reading)
Holy WOW, it was just WONderful.
This incredible woman survived a plane crash
with her husband
and was severely burned.
As if you didn't know!
EVERYONE knows who Nie Nie is.

Our breakfast drink: milk

Her talk was beautiful.
She is beautiful.
And life is just beautiful!
It's funny to me that, even though we all have such different trials,
we can relate somehow because we know what
it's like to grieve, to feel some type of loss,
to have things not work out like we'd imagined.
I cannot fathom having a body that hurts all the time
and won't work because of burns & surgeries.
But I do know what it's like to feel my world crash
and be in the darkest pit of grief.
That's how it was for 2 years after Wyatt was born.
I'm so ashamed to admit that.
I was constantly trying to gasp for air.
I'd come up now and again,
take a breather and then find myself
immediately crushed again.
It was a very dark time for me.
But I had to learn for myself,
that joy is out there.
So abundant and resplendent.
And that is why I blog, I guess.
To share the joy I am finding in this crazy,
weird, mixed up, wonderful time on earth.


we went to see the Lower Lights concert.
And Nie Nie was there.
She snuck in and Mia & I saw her!
So after the concert,
we high-tailed it over to meet her.
You guys,
it was so cool.
It was just like talking with an old friend.
(go figure, I didn't have my camera both times we saw her)
Life rocks!
I'm going to be in my pajammies most of the weekend.
Join me!
Hip! Hip!


  1. How fun! I'm so glad you were able to meet her. She is such an inspiration! I can't imagine all she has been through. However, I guess we all have something to "go through". I relate with what you said about finding peace. I think to some extent that is true for all of us. Only... sometimes people's struggles are more visible - burns, financial ruin, disability, relationships, etc. No one is immune from the tests of this life. I too love blogging. It helps me connect with others who are like me. Their struggles strengthen me and hopefully something I might share will be of benefit to them. You know... not only mourn with those who mourn, but also celebrate with others, rejoice in the ability to overcome, and also give assistance when needed. Anyway... so glad you were able to see Lower Lights. I might have to pick up their new album. I've seen them all over the place lately.

  2. So cool that you got to meet NieNie! And I'm also very excited for tomorrow. And Sunday.

  3. How wonderful! She is amazing.

    We are hooking up our wii to right now to stream conference in. Can't wait! Just need to set up the kids' table.

  4. How cool to meet her. Her talk was fantastic and I loved sharing it and the evening with my beautiful daughters. You should send her a link to this post. I bet she'd love it.

  5. How awesome is that?! The entire weekend I"m talking about. And, don't feel ashamed about feeling that way the first 2 years -- look at how much joy you are spreading now? You are amazing and I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you a bit through the wonderful blogosphere:)

  6. What a wonderful treat to meet another amazing mama. (Don't every be ashamed about being honest about how you feel- it makes the joy that much more amazing.) LOVE YOU!! xo

  7. Do not be ashamed to admit that... we all go through that I am still more on that stage than not but you serve as an inspiration to me. xxx

  8. That's great that you got to meet NieNie! I wanted to go see her on the 30th, but I totally forgot about it.

    Thanks for the idea last year about the tent for Conference. My kids love it, and they even told someone we do a tent like the people of King Benjamin! I was so proud that something I said stuck in their brains! :)

  9. So cool that you meet NieNie she is so inspirational I would love to hear her speak too.

    Don't be ashamed about how you felt I was there too and bloggin also helps me celebrate my girls amazing life.

    I love your pumkin pancakes I might have to make those tomorrow you inspire me just so you know. I sure you inspire many and your spirit is contagous.


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