Tuesday, October 19

back to the pin curls, people

Sorry, but I just had to clarify something.
I was just rereading my last post.
This picture made it seem that I went
out in public like this.
Did you catch that, too?
But I, indeed, did NOT.
This is merely the pinning process.
I didn't post an after picture because
none of them came out right.
The lighting was off and
my mirror has odd dirt spots.
But for the sake of redeeming myself......

And maybe that was all for naught.
You probably caught my drift before.


  1. Ah...I get it. Thanks for the clarification, I surely needed it. You look so sophisticated. I still couldn't pull it off.

  2. You're just too cute, no wonder your kids are so adorable.

  3. OHHHHH..... thanks for that. I kinda did think you meant you went out all pinned up. I couldn't have pulled it off, but it was still cute. :) Now I get the final effect. Can't wait for my hair to grow out so I can try it in two to three years. :)

  4. I noticed it on Sunday. Absolutely adorable!

  5. Bree, still not sure mine would look as cute as yours!

  6. I understood but happy to see the finished picture too. Watched part of the how-to video and got discouraged. Then remembered my hair is shorter now anyway.

  7. Perky pin curls. Pretty you. Nice camera, reality post. :)
    I tried to take a picture in my full length mirror the other day too. Our house is quite old and the mirrors are probably close to 100 years old too. I'm used to looking in them but when I try and take a picture.. well, you get what I'm saying.
    Thanks for stopping by beColorful and leaving such a glowing comment.
    Hope you are enjoying the same beautiful fall days we are here in the midwest.


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