Friday, October 8

just a note

Wishing you a comfy, cozy weekend!
xoxo, Bree (& Ella & mat-headed Bugg)


  1. This afternoon we stopped by the store and rented a couple of movies. The girls were watching Scooby Doo cartoons downstairs after dinner. Michael tip-toed down just to see how they were doing. They had all the lights out (they call it "movie theater" but he could only see one kid in there! Lizzie was upstairs taking a bath, but where was child #3?!?! He decided to tease whichever one was in the comfy chair. When he jumped out to tickle her he discovered it *was* both girls! Kate was sitting in the cozy chair and had Sabrina (who turns 5 next week) curled up in her lap! I wish he'd gotten a picture! I love that they did that with nobody watching, nobody to praise the, nobody to impress, etc. They just wanted to sit together while watching cartoons :)

  2. That is exactly what the back of Chloe's head looks like 98% of the time!


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