Monday, October 11

for the love of a parade

Parades are my thing.
I love them.
Excitement and cheering and candy
Nobody's got spirit like
BYU, though.
It is the best parade
of the year.

And we've got lots of spirit, too.

BYU Homecoming Parade

Bugg even has a BYU armbrace,
for crying out loud!

The BOOM cracked Bugg up into hysterics!

Small crowd, big spirit, cool weather,
candy, blue pancakes plus
Autumn time????
best parade of the year.
And topping it off at Brick Oven?
Well, shoot!

She offers a bite to dada and says, "aaaaaaa."

Mia can get Wyatt rollin'.
And rollin' and rollin'.
Hope your weekend was swell!


  1. Oh I wish we could have gone! NEXT year we're THERE!!

  2. What fun! That smile on Bugg's face ... it reminds me so much of my Emily's. They melt you on the spot, don't they! :)

  3. Bugg's smile is priceless!!!! Looks like so much fun!

  4. Love your guys hair, and all your spirit. Your family rocks with Spirit!

  5. I really like your new banner picture of Bugg and the pumpkin!! : )

  6. I love the new picture of Bugg with the pumpkin. My little man is getting so big and I miss him tons!! The parade looks like fun!! Missing you guys!! Happy Autumn....

  7. Your family is so darling!

    Our first apartment was on 900 East in Provo so the Homecoming Parade went right past our door. I have pictures of Landon as a toddler watching as the band marched by...good times.


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