Monday, October 25

any takers?

It came.
And approved by the insurance at that!

The Bugg's new bath chair.

Which doubles as fun
for his sisters.
This also means.............

......that this bath chair has been abandoned.
It used to be awesome for him.
He was supported and comfortable in it
during splish-splash time.
But now, because he is longer and heavier,
it just ain't cuttin' it.

Adjustable back support.

So help us out!
Do you know any special little friend
that could benefit from it?
For free!

Email me:
breefro at yahoo
We'd be thrilled to pass it on!
Have a snuggly Monday!


  1. Very smart idea passing it on.. i have a few things in my basement that could use a new owner as well. Sorry I never answer your question about hippotherapy. It is awesome I highly recommend you look in it. It fun for the whole family as Ashley brothers enjoy visiting the horses as well. It suppose to help with balance and is tones of fun so you can't really go wrong.

  2. Wahoo! Awesome. Can we get one up here? Just kiddin'. I can't afford it.

  3. Bree You are so awesome for passing the bath seat on!

  4. Oh, he got the same bath seat as we have for Emily! I can't tell in the pictures, is it blue or purple? Emily's is purple. :) That old seat is really cool, I've never seen one like it. I wish you lived near me, I know a little guy who could REALLY use that. I am sure it will find a great new home!!

  5. Bugg that is a very cool new bath chair.

  6. Hooray, what a blessing that it was covered by insurance!

  7. I wish we lived closer to you, Brianna really needs a new bath chair. :(
    btw Bugger that is an awesome new chair! :)


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