Wednesday, October 13

cookies are part of everything

Thank you, kind awesome readers,
for your dear comments on the last post.
That experience is something that I think about often,
especially in those lame moments when I struggle
with the whole *special* life thing.
Like Jennie said, Pay Day!
And btw, the post was revised because I accidentally pressed
"publish post" too soon.
So you might have missed the ending
if you got the post in your google reader or feed.

2006 ~ Provo Temple

2008 ~ Provo is a favorite because
there's swarms of missionaries walking around.
They are so awesome!

It has been an annual Sunday tradition for
a few years now,
for us to visit a different temple
as a family.
In Utah, we can do that.
There are so many!
Is there one in your area?
It is a great way to prepare our children
for the blessings they will receive one day
when they get to enter the temple.

Bugg hasn't changed much,
as you can see.

2009 ~ Oquirrh Mountain Temple
Gee, I wonder where the lil' sis gets her
theatrics from....?

We sing "I Love to See the Temple" in the car
when the steeple comes into view.
Walking around the building,
admiring its beauty and how special it is,
invites such a reverence to the sabbath day.
I bring along temple cookies for us to
eat on the grass.
I love this tradition.
Do I say that a lot?
we try and get a decent family photo...........

Here are some (ahem) captured moments
from last Sunday.
Drama (as is usual with her), obviously.
And it is cropped awkwardly because my
unmentionables were peeking.
Another ahem!

I love this one!
It looks like Wyatt is blowing a bubble!
Sunday, or any day, is a great day to visit.
And make some temple cookies, too!
Sorry, I don't know where to get the cookie cutter
set that I got years ago.


  1. Great idea!!! We'll have to put that in our repertoire. I love your yellow dress! Someday perhaps I'll get thin again and I'll be able to look adorable in everything like you do ;)

  2. Are the gates to the temples open in your area on Sundays? I'm pretty sure ours isn't.

  3. The gates of the Provo temple are open every day, and if you ask really nicely, they'll even let you go on the grunds at midmnight (not that I would know anything about that! :) We'll just say my roommate and I were two stressed, homesick freshmen walking around Provo at midnight one evening).

  4. LOVE the tradition. Slightly jealous that you have so many in your area. We have the Boston Temple (that I LOVE), but it's two hours from me home. Before that the closest temple was Washington DC so I'm grateful to have one in our midst. xo

  5. I think I have the same cookie cutter set... it has a covered wagon, a temple, and I think a beehive! Your blog is awesome and I love it... keep it up! My oldest is 17 and going to college next it too late to start the temple tradition?! Of course, we live in California, so it's not quite as convenient! You seem like an amazing mom and person and I'm proud of you. (which I know sounds wierd, but I am).

  6. Yes, that's the one. And a CTR cutter, too. Let us know where you found it. I got mine at Cover to Cover Books a long time ago. Thanks for the sweet comment, Anon!


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