Tuesday, October 26

to do, to do

Just checkin' off the to-do list....

To do:
Finish up the 13 Days of Halloween!
A festive activity to do each day.
Only 4 days left.
(We are celebrating on Saturday.)

Today, we played with costumed
paper dolls.

Tomorrow we'll paint our nails orange!

To do:
Figure out how to take pictures
at nighttime.
To do:
get a bounce flash.
To do:
take a look at Lightbox photo editing.

To do:
keep the baby off the table.
Secretly, it makes me laugh.
To do:
Get Bugg's papers for lab work,
make appointment with Orthopaedics and
to get his wheelchair adjusted.
To do:
Set Neurology appointment.
Already booking into March?
Good grief.

To do:
Pick a color already to paint
our very bright white bedroom.
I'm liking the sunset color, however.
Actually, I'm thinking......
something to remind us of
our dearest Bear Lake.
The sun, the sand, the lake, the raspberries.
Those are great colors.

Take a ride in Grandma's hot wheels.

Try out Caleb's new swing.
What a great swing set!

Finish up details on Bugg's costume.
He's got 2 this year!

made by my sister, Brooke

To do:

plan Family Night.
oops (it's every Monday night).
At least we got to the activity part.

Give faces to these guys.
They now abide indoors where they will
be lit every night so we can enjoy them.
At Mia's request.
Why didn't I think of that before?
She is an awesome genius.

To do:
Discover the reason I didn't absolutely
LOVE this book.
I loved the movie.
I think it's because they spent waaaaay
too much time in London.
Oh, yeah, and I understood about 1/3 of their
sophisticated language.
So should I try Pride & Prejudice next?

Fill up front door with
To do:
parent/teacher conference,
volunteer in Mia's classroom,
have a 'late night' with her & her friends.

To do:
make cider donuts.
That didn't get done so...
changed the to-do to
pick up orange rolls from bakery.
And pick up Mia's costume.
Among other list stuff.

Happy countdown to Halloween!
Have you marked any good stuff off your list, too?


  1. Orange rolls from Shirley's? Yes, please!!! I love the sweet rolls from there. When I was young we always did cider and donuts on Halloween. I should do that this year. If I'm really good I'll make the donuts. Best.Ever.

  2. I love checking in on your blog to see what fun stuff you have planned. I'm gonna buy a whole bunch of orange food for our Halloween party on Saturday.

  3. you are one busy lady but sounds like fun.
    Have a great Halloween.

  4. Persuation is my favorite!!

  5. You have such a great balance between the fun stuff and the have-to dos.

    I wasn't able to enjoy Jane Austen books until I started watching the movies, they served as translators for me, so now when I read them I understand the language and can appreciate the wittiness going on.


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