Monday, October 18


Leaves, leaves, leaves.
Beautiful autumn leaves.
They fascinate me to no end.
I just can't get enough.
And since this season goes mighty quick,
I'll breathe in every last one til they're gone.

Celebrating the boy that is perfect
in every little way.

Especially when it's in the canyon
with friends and all their kidlings.
Popcorn makes a great picnic food.

I thought Bugg needed to take
a power nap so I set him up on this blanket.....

Minutes later he is uncontrollably laughing.
At who knows what?!
celebrating his happiness
and the happiness he spreads to everyone.

And it's crafty way to create.

Since this picture last week,
she has figured out how to undo
the seat belt.
And so....
the wheelchair can no longer keep her PUT.
But I'm celebrating
that she figured out how to do it!
Babies are amazing!

Shutter speed and well, in general, the Nikon.
I finally captured a real sunbeam!
The shutter speed has to be super high.
What am I saying?!
I'm celebrating God & His wondrous creations.

I know, I already listed that one.
These beauts now blissfully fill up a vase
on the piano.
But I have this itch for more!
I'm really considering knocking on a few
houses that have brilliant trees in their yards.
I still have some ideas.....

And outings to Gardner Village
to see all the witches.

Check out her tongue!

at G&G's house.

Apple-picking at a friend's house.
Apples are almost as great as leaves!
So many options.


And pin curls.
Looooooove pin curls.
I wore them on a date with my Hunk.
We saw Secretariat.
Heartwarming movie.
You should try the pin curls, too.


  1. I am so stealing the sunbeam through the tree picture for Grandma's room. I need some color in there. I love, love, love all the pictures, but seriously, Bree, not everyone can pull off the pin curls like you can!

  2. Bree, I am in love with your pin curls!!! not sure I can pull them off though! love your pictures...they make me happy, which is good because it is freezing here LOL :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your fall magic!!

  4. We want so much to go up into the mountains and take pics of the fall leaves! But we want to take Arina with us, so we'll wait a week or so, so she can come with us!

  5. I love pin curls. If I try them on me, though, my hair becomes this ginormous bouffant. That's what I get for having insanely thick hair!

  6. Love the curls, looks like something out of a movie! Love the beautiful colors, we dont really get that out here. You should ask for a filter lens for christmas. those sun raise would look great with it.-amy

  7. Love all the pix as usual and LOVE love love the pin curls, almost as much as your new header!

  8. So, I just found your blog sort of accidentally because I noticed I was getting traffic from a website I'd never heard of and when I went there I found a link to your blog too, which I clicked on, and after reading this post I am totally hooked! I love the photos, I love the attitude, I love everything!!
    My little girl also has septo-optic dysplasia, along with hypogenesis of the posterior corpus callosum and a variety of other things.
    I'm looking forward to reading more about your sweet little boy :)


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